Monday, January 4, 2016


Saturday's mood: Mori Girl meets Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Translation: it's earthy, which is reminiscent of the Mori Girl, a Japanese fashion and lifestyle trend. And much like Rey, it's comfortable, desert-friendly (on cold nights at least), and perfect for planet-scavenging. The star of the show is of course this cardigan-ish, wannabe poncho thing by Ike Behar that I snagged from my Mom's closet. (Update: I'm told it's called a "wrap" because it wraps around the upper body. I must be an idiot.) It's big on me but I almost always prefer a looser fit to more form-fitting, life-sucking outfits anyway. Besides, SoCal weather has been chilly lately so it serves as a warm blanket.

Behind the scenes, my cousins were pulling all sorts of shenanigans (looking at you, Jan, Jul, and Jen). Thanks for dramatically posing next to trees, trying to photobomb every picture, and keeping life interesting by taking the bushes instead of the safe path that every other local takes to get to the train tracks. After all, what's adventure without a little disregard for rules and safety? Thanks to Janise in particular for capturing someone who looks like me, but, like, a more serious and improved version of me. I don't even recognize myself. My selfies don't even look like this. Thank you all for your electric energy from Barnes & Noble to Starbucks and Cinnabon. It's been real. Real fun. Let's do it again, say, Friday?


Janise Dava


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