Thursday, January 15, 2015


I fear I’m painfully similar to Remy’s mother from This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen in that I love to “plunge into projects, tackle them for about ten minutes, and then lose interest.” Continuing projects I begin is challenging for me, restless as I am, but I'm determined to quit this grey-hair inducing, bad habit of mine because it's destroying my productivity. Instead of having endless interests and feeling too suffocated and overwhelmed to act, I'm redirecting my energy and focusing on developing and nurturing one or two interests, such as writing and graphic design. And so, with a "make art for art's sake, critics be damned" mentality, Drop-Off Blvd was born. Expect everything and anything from my cosmetics experience (pretty albeit unnecessary lingo for "makeup") to food, books, movies, music, shops, crafts, and clothes I'm over the moon about. This space is also reserved for self-reflection and documentation of my cross-cultural feelings as a 19-year old Filipina living in California. All this gritty, whimsy mischief and more, just ahead.


Sara Villegas